Secure Your Zoom Platform with AppOmni

Don’t let system-role or user-role permissions slip through the cracks

AppOmni for Zoom

Zoom’s versatility and ease of use allows every type of company to stay connected and drive their business forward. This has been invaluable with the rapid rise of a remote workforce. But this overnight adoption of Zoom means new and unique risks and configuration challenges for IT and Security teams.

Discover Your Zoom Security Posture

Obtain powerful insights and instant visibility into your organization’s Zoom security posture with our strategic integration with Zoom. This allows you to garner details and events around your company’s Zoom configurations, including details on upcoming meetings without passwords, recordings without passwords, and recordings shared publicly. AppOmni also provides the unique ability to gain visibility into your users’ Zoom client versions, spanning all the devices they have ever used to connect to a meeting, giving your IT and Security teams posture intelligence to drive patch management.

Customize Policies at Granular Level

Zoom provides granular configuration options to manage system role and user role permissions within their application.Leverage AppOmni’s Service Configuration Policies to gain visibility around system–role and user–role permissions. You also have the ability to create and enforce policies that reduce overly permissive role permissions while decreasing administrative overhead.

Streamline Detection and Monitoring

Receive enriched Zoom security event data that is consistent and normalized so it can be easily consumed and actioned via your preferences. Our team of SaaS security experts continually develops enriched security-relevant events for additional analysis capabilities.

By leveraging AppOmni’s workflows and integrations into third party task management software tools we make it easy for your team to view and triage issues via established processes and automation for timely resolution.

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