The Crucial Investment for Financial Services SaaS Security

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Fortify Your SaaS Portfolio

SaaS platforms are great for boosting efficiency and managing data, but as they increasingly handle sensitive information, securing them becomes crucial. But the complexity of SaaS systems and their distributed ownership often leads to security gaps. 

Considering the massive $197 billion that financial services spent on SaaS in 20231, their investment in security seems minimal.


Increase in financial services cyber attacks over the past decade2


of financial services organizations still rely on manual SaaS cybersecurity audits3


is the average cost of a financial services data breach4

SaaS is a Critical Part of Your Operations

If your organization is anything like the typical financial services enterprise, you have more than 42 distinct third-party apps and integrations connected to your SaaS environment powering the most crucial areas of your operations:

Online banking


Brokerage / market intelligence


Billing and collections


Customer insights

Internal Operations

Your customers count on you to protect their sensitive financial data, but AppOmni research shows that SaaS app misconfigurations are one of the most common ways for cybercriminals to gain access to PII data. Add unauthorized third-party app connections to the mix, and you have conditions ripe for a data breach.

Data security isn’t just about building trust in an industry where brand affinity is hard to come by — you also have to tackle the required annual disclosures to the SEC about your risk management, compliance strategy, and cybersecurity governance.

Use your SSPM platform to:

Surface data exposures

Detect threats and anomalies

Discover unsanctioned third- and fourth-party SaaS connections

Manage identities, privileges, and configurations

Protect PHI and comply with HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, and more

What should you look for in an SSPM provider?

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