AppOmni Named to Forbes Best Startup Employers 2023 List

The leader in SaaS Security is recognized for its employee satisfaction, reputation, and growth.

SAN FRANCISCO — March 7, 2023 — AppOmni, the leading provider of SaaS Security, has been included on the Forbes list of Best Startup Employers 2023. This prestigious recognition is presented by Forbes and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The awards list was announced today, and it can be viewed on the Forbes website.

Forbes selected AppOmni as a Best Startup Employer after examining defined KPIs to guide potential candidates in finding innovative and stable startups to work for. The detailed evaluation was based on three different criteria:

  • Employee Satisfaction: Measured through AppOmni’s employee retention and reviews.
  • Employer Reputation: An algorithm-based text analysis that categorized AppOmni sentiment as positive, neutral, or negative was extracted from channels such as news sites, micro-blogs, blogs, and social networks.
  • Company Growth: Comprehensive evaluations of AppOmni’s traffic, headcount growth rates, and job openings.

“Being named to the Forbes Best Startup Employers List validates our commitment to creating a workplace that prioritizes our people and their wellbeing,” said Tina Hawk, chief people officer at AppOmni. “This recognition shows that our efforts are paying off. We’re incredibly proud of the autonomous schedules, values-based culture, career development opportunities, and competitive benefits we offer our team members.”

“This acknowledgement from Forbes only strengthens our resolve to continue building a company where our people can thrive while securing the world’s most important SaaS data and applications,” Brendan O’Connor, AppOmni CEO and co-founder, added.

Companies considered in the evaluation must be headquartered in the U.S. and founded between the years 2013 and 2020. They must employ at least 50 people and exhibit a startup structure. The final list recognizes the top 500 companies based on the analysis of over 7 million data points with over 11,000 companies.

About AppOmni

AppOmni is the pioneer of SaaS Security Posture Management enabling customers to achieve secure productivity with their SaaS applications. With AppOmni, security teams and SaaS application owners quickly secure their mission-critical and sensitive data from attackers and insider threats. The AppOmni platform constantly scans SaaS APIs, configurations, and ingested audit logs to deliver complete data access visibility, secure identities and SaaS-to-SaaS connections, detect threats, prioritize insights, and simplify compliance reporting.

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