Redpoint Ventures Announces InfraRed 100

AppOmni ranks among top 100 most promising private companies in Cloud Infrastructure.

AppOmni is honored to be included in the inaugural Redpoint Ventures InfraRed 100 list.

SAN FRANCISCO – July 17, 2023 – Today, Redpoint Ventures, a leading venture capital firm with a diverse portfolio of successful companies including Twilio, Looker, Nextdoor, Ramp, Stripe, Nubank, HashiCorp, Snowflake, Netflix, Hims, and more, in partnership with Nasdaq announces the launch of Nasdaq Redpoint Cloud Infrastructure Software™ Index. This groundbreaking index will track the performance of top public companies in the cloud infrastructure space, providing valuable insights into this sector.

In conjunction with the index launch, Redpoint is proud to unveil the InfraRed 100, a comprehensive list of the next 100 promising private companies in Cloud Infrastructure. This curated selection of companies represents the next generation of leaders in the industry, poised to make a significant impact in the cloud infrastructure market.

All companies initially included in the first-of-its-kind Cloud Infrastructure Software Index are listed here and all companies included on the first annual InfraRed 100 list are included here.

The Index underscores the significance of this collaborative initiative between Redpoint Ventures and Nasdaq, which aims to highlight the achievements of the cloud infrastructure sector.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nasdaq to launch the Nasdaq Redpoint Cloud Infrastructure Software™ Index, as well as unveil the InfraRed 100 list,” said Scott Raney, Partner at Redpoint Ventures and one of the most successful SaaS and cloud infrastructure investors in venture capital. “These initiatives showcase our commitment to driving innovation in the cloud infrastructure space and identifying the next generation of leaders. We’re excited to celebrate this significant milestone and discuss the future of this rapidly evolving sector.”

About AppOmni

AppOmni is the pioneer of SaaS Security Posture Management enabling customers to achieve secure productivity with their SaaS applications. With AppOmni, security teams and SaaS application owners quickly secure their mission-critical and sensitive data from attackers and insider threats. The AppOmni platform constantly scans SaaS APIs, configurations, and ingested audit logs to deliver complete data access visibility, secure identities and SaaS-to-SaaS connections, detect threats, prioritize insights, and simplify compliance reporting.

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