AppOmni Strengthens Ping Identity’s Visibility and Control Over Its Salesforce Instance

San Francisco, Calif. – July 22, 2020 – AppOmni, the leading provider of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for SaaS, today announced the deployment of the AppOmni solution by Ping Identity, (NYSE: PING), the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise, to help the company obtain full visibility and control over Salesforce.

Ping Identity sought a vendor who could meet their high standards for an approach that would be both comprehensive and easy to adapt to their ongoing SaaS security needs. Their security experts were immediately drawn to the preventative and holistic approach taken by AppOmni to secure SaaS. Because AppOmni runs parallel to the SaaS cloud, and integrates through APIs, the company uses a non-blocking approach to monitor which users have access to what data. Through an in-depth understanding of risky configurations in SaaS, AppOmni alerts Ping Identity’s IT team early enough to catch policy violations before they turn into breaches. This was precisely the proactive, easy-to-adapt SaaS management and security solution that Ping Identity required.

“AppOmni provides a seamless and proactive security solution that integrates with an enterprise’s existing processes and technology and doesn’t require additional in-house expertise,” says Brendan O’Connor, CEO and Co-Founder, AppOmni. “We are excited to partner with Ping Identity to provide them with unprecedented visibility and control over their SaaS environment. By providing security guardrails for leading SaaS applications, AppOmni enables IT and business users to move quickly with confidence. Businesses need to move fast and enable remote work, while safeguarding their mission critical SaaS applications and data.”

AppOmni has extensive expertise with Salesforce and other SaaS, providing customers with a deep understanding of the application’s security specifications which can be applied when assessing customers’ security postures. The company provided Ping Identity with an in-depth analysis of their Salesforce instance, including the portal community, along with the recommended steps to further enhance the security of the SaaS instance. AppOmni also delivered proactive alerts when access settings are incorrect or violate policies in addition to providing a multi-stage, long-term strategy for preventing and remediating Salesforce data access and security posture issues. Ping Identity obtained full visibility into internal and external user data access within Salesforce.

“By partnering with AppOmni, we gain the necessary insight into the various users and their roles in our Salesforce instance to instill the level of security we needed,” said Arthur Loris, manager of product security at Ping Identity. “AppOmni has also helped our SaaS and IT administrators collaborate and streamline our overall security process.”

About AppOmni

AppOmni is the leading provider of SaaS Security software. AppOmni provides unprecedented data access visibility, management, and security of SaaS solutions, enabling organizations to secure mission-critical and sensitive data. AppOmni’s patent-pending technology deeply scans APIs, security controls, and configuration settings to evaluate the current state of SaaS deployments and compare against best practices and business intent. With AppOmni, organizations can establish rules for data access, data sharing, and third-party applications that will be continuously and automatically validated. The company’s leadership team brings expertise and innovation from leading SaaS providers, high tech companies, and cybersecurity vendors. Backed by Cisco Investments, Salesforce Ventures, ServiceNow Ventures, Scale Venture Partners and more, AppOmni was recently named as a PURE CYBER 100 “Companies To Watch In 2023” and one of CyberTech 100’s Companies for 2022. The company has been recognized as a Dark Reading Cybersecurity Vendor to Watch and a SINET16 Innovator.

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