AppOmni Recognized as a Notable Vendor by Forrester

AppOmni Recognized as a Notable Vendor by Forrester

Access the SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape Report, Q2 2023

Forrester calls SaaS security posture management (SSPM) solutions a fundamental building block in organizations’ cloud security strategy, citing a pronounced need to provide a layer of controls for protecting data and threats in SaaS applications as companies race to adopt enterprise SaaS.
We are honored to be listed as one of 21 notable SSPM vendors included in “SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape, Q2 2023.” This new report notes that customers use AppOmni to detect and remediate misconfigurations of SaaS applications, detect shadow IT SaaS applications, and control business and admin user access to SaaS apps, among other capabilities.

Read the blog to understand:

Why Forrester considers SSPM solutions essential for helping security and risk professionals.
The many benefits SSPM solutions offer to customers.
How to work with SSPM vendors.
How AppOmni fits into the SSPM landscape.

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