SaaS Security

Seven critical components of a
robust SaaS security program.

AppOmni’s SaaS Security Checklist is based on best practices recommended by our team of security experts. It’s designed to be utilized alongside cybersecurity models such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO-27000, and the CIA triad.

The checklist contains seven key categories and is designed to serve as a guide for organizations looking to build successful SaaS security programs.

But don’t stop here! When it comes to SaaS security, many companies don’t go any deeper than configuration management. This leaves their business-critical applications and sensitive data at risk. A successful SaaS security program requires several additional components.

Unlimited security checks for these areas:

Support for common use cases:

There are many considerations when it comes to SaaS security and the stakes can be high. The goal of a successful SaaS security program should be to decrease the level of risk across your SaaS environment through full and continuous visibility into security settings and configurations, data access management, and third-party application coverage.

AppOmni’s patented technology deeply scans APIs, security controls, and configuration settings to evaluate the current state of SaaS deployments and compare against best practices and business intent. Businesses and enterprises can establish rules for data access, data sharing, and third-party applications that will be continuously validated. AppOmni was founded by enterprise security veterans with frontline experience preventing and stopping cyber threats. Our leadership team brings expertise and innovation from leading SaaS providers, high-tech companies, and cybersecurity vendors.

Reference our Quick Start Guide to put this checklist into action, or get in touch to discuss these recommendations in more detail. 

Read our blog on the Seven Capabilities of a Robust SaaS Security Program for more detailed information on these categories. 


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