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Quickly gain detailed visibility and actionable information around your company’s Slack security posture

Properly securing Slack can be difficult.

AppOmni makes it easier.

Slack’s popularity and use continues to grow across corporate enterprises. 65 of the Fortune 100 companies rely on them for company communication. Coupled with a developer-rich ecosystem of more than 4,000 marketplace apps as well as capabilities for custom application development and integrations, customers enjoy both convenience and extended functionality.  

Extensibility is a key centerpiece of Slack and the value of the tool grows exponentially as companies and users introduce more apps and integrations. This does however introduce increased complexity and system administration overhead. Having centralized 3rd party application management, permission assignments, and configuration controls is a necessity.


Risky Apps, Configs, & Users

Managing an organization with many workspaces is complicated. This is compounded once enterprise grid settings, guest users, and apps per workspace are introduced.


What is Important

Slack has done an incredible job of designing and building a user driven communication platform that is easy to use and customize. As an IT or Security professional this does however introduce a wide array of integrations and applications that could pose concerns.



3rd Party Data Access and Guest Users

On average, a typical corporate user spends 90 active minutes communicating on Slack. The channels that these users communicate and collaborate on can hold large volumes of company sensitive information. For those channels and workspaces that are deemed company confidential, this information should never leave their organization

Our Methodology


Cross-cloud Security Posture Management

Gain complete visibility across your critical SaaS environments like never before.


Data Access Exploration and Exposure Prevention

Find, fix, and prevent internal and external data access misconfigurations quickly with the power of best practice policy guardrails.


Powerful Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

Cut through the noise and receive actionable alerts.

Actively Securing The Applications that Power