Quickly gain detailed visibility and actionable information around your company’s Zoom security posture 

Properly securing Zoom can be difficult.

AppOmni makes it easier.

Zoom’s versatility and ease of use has allowed companies to stay connected and drive their business forward. This has been invaluable with the rapid rise of a remote workforce.

However, with this almost overnight adoption of Zoom, IT and Security teams are facing new and unique risks and configuration challenges.


Quickly Discover Your Zoom Security Posture

Zoom continues to enhance security and privacy configuration capabilities but with these enhancements, new complexity arises. Couple this with an already overloaded team and Zoom configuration management may slip through the cracks.


Increased Capabilities to Power Zoom’s Native Access Controls

With the increased adoption of Zoom and the criticality of the technology to run your business more and more users across your organization will require increased privileges to manage their Zoom specific requirements. Likely, these business functions will have different permission requirements which will compound management complexity.


Reduce Risk and Continuously Monitor

Teams struggle with quickly capturing visibility of Zoom misconfigurations that pose a risk to their company. Additionally, taking action to remediate these risks requires cross-team coordination to drive resolution.

Our Methodology


Cross-cloud Security Posture Management

Gain complete visibility across your critical SaaS environments like never before.


Data Access Exploration and Exposure Prevention

Find, fix, and prevent internal and external data access misconfigurations quickly with the power of best practice policy guardrails.


Powerful Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

Cut through the noise and receive actionable alerts.

Actively Securing The Applications that Power