AskOmni, powered by GenAI

Achieving secure productivity with your SaaS applications is now even more accessible!

Embrace the power of GenAI with our SSPM assistant, AskOmni. Developed by our OmniScience® team, AskOmni is tailored to help you in your SaaS security journey. 

AskOmni is your SaaS security companion and provides support for everything from getting started with the AppOmni SaaS security platform to answering questions about how you can use the platform to address your unique security needs and drill into security observations. 

You don’t need to be a SaaS security expert to use AppOmni. AskOmni clearly explains why a security observation is relevant, how it relates to other observations, and what you should do to address security issues. 

AskOmni also helps with threat hunting and deep analysis of security issues.

AskOmni is currently a tech preview and will be made available initially to a qualified group of users.


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