Product Update: Discover Unmonitored SaaS Applications via Identity Providers

Gain unprecedented visibility into your SaaS estate with our new SaaS app discovery capabilities

By Brittany Bodane, Product Marketing Manager, AppOmni

AppOmni’s June 2023 product update goes beyond solely detecting SaaS-to-SaaS connected apps and now discovers SaaS apps that may not be under AppOmni management via identity providers (IdP) such as Okta.

This gives organizations the ability to ensure and prove that they have continuous monitoring applied to SaaS applications that may not yet be onboarded. This update further amplifies our unprecedented visibility into the SaaS ecosystem and reinforces our mark as the leader in SaaS app security.

The Need For SaaS App Discovery Capabilities

While SaaS apps’ flexibility and ease of use are the primary driving factor for its increased adoption, they also significantly contribute to the cyber risks SaaS introduces.

SaaS apps are increasingly intertwined with one another and it’s simple for users to connect a SaaS app with their enterprise SaaS platform with a click of a button.

This ease of use can lead to SaaS application sprawl and make it increasingly difficult for security to keep up with the business. That is where AppOmni and its latest enhanced App Discovery capabilities come into play.

AppOmni already helps organizations identify SaaS-to-SaaS connectivity which remains a blind spot for companies who have not adopted a SaaS security posture management (SSPM) solution. These connections introduce significant risk to an organization, but another blind spot remains for entire separate instances of a given SaaS application that may be spawned by different business units.

AppOmni’s App Discovery capabilities help organizations easily identify SaaS instances that may not be monitored, by discovering and displaying all applications installed in an IdP environment. This allows security teams to engage with application owners and more fully cover their SaaS estate.

Discovered Apps through Okta—the ability to discover and view all applications installed in an IdP environment is now available in the App Ecosystem area of AppOmni.

Detect Apps Connected via Identity Providers and Mitigate Security Risks

AppOmni’s SaaS security solution makes it easy for security and IT teams to protect and monitor their entire SaaS environment. Discovered Apps further alleviates the manual labor for security and IT teams by expanding visibility into app usage and uncovering potential risks from unmanaged SaaS instances that may have remained hidden otherwise.

We understand that SaaS security is complex, but we believe securing it shouldn’t be. This update is a step out of the unknown and into the realm of actionable security insights. Don’t be caught by surprise—allow AppOmni to help you understand what SaaS apps are connected to your monitored services, whether through SaaS-to-SaaS connections or idPs.

Final Word

Our enhanced SaaS-to-SaaS monitoring capability via identity providers reinforces our commitment to being innovation-led. We strive to enhance the cyber resilience of organizations by providing our customers with comprehensive SaaS-to-SaaS observability and robust SaaS security control.

As the leader in SaaS security and a top choice for Fortune 500 clients, AppOmni is on a mission to create a safer SaaS world.

See why some of the leading enterprises in the world have chosen AppOmni as their SaaS security solution of choice. Schedule a demo today.

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