How to Guide Customers to Secure Enterprise SaaS Ecosystems

By Eric Snyder, VP of Global Alliances @ AppOmni

Rapid adoption of SaaS and the cloud are challenging enterprises with a wide-range of IT security challenges which are becoming increasingly complex over time. According to Gartner, SaaS remains the largest public cloud services market segment, forecasted to reach $195.2 billion in end-user spending by 2023. Our recent survey of over 600 cybersecurity influencers also shows that 45% of organizations in North America use in excess of 100 SaaS apps, compared to Europe at 42% and APAC at 32%, which further highlights SaaS’ unstoppable growth and sprawl.

CISOs and cybersecurity experts are actively seeking trusted advisors to assist them in navigating the escalating adoption of SaaS, which presents a significant opportunity for Solutions Providers to guide enterprises through secure, cloud-based digital transformations.

So far this year, the AppOmni’s Threat Research Team have tracked more than 30 SaaS-related breaches and data exposures that have occurred specifically due to SaaS misconfigurations.

For forward-thinking Solutions Providers, opportunities to build strong client relationships have never been greater by providing a comprehensive SaaS Security Program.

Here are three guiding principles to lead your customers to a more secure, compliant, and productive enterprise:

  1. Tailored Solutions: Enterprise SaaS applications are where your customers store their most important, sensitive data. From customer data, sales and marketing, to company finances, and employee identification… yep, they’re all in a SaaS application! Identify which SaaS application should be addressed first based on regulatory requirements and risk factors. Start with one, and fan out coverage with your customers over time.
  2. Expertise & Collaboration: Many SaaS applications are managed by administrators or SaaS app owners that sit outside of cybersecurity. Engaging the app owners by providing them with greater insights into the posture of their configurations of their applications will drive a more cohesive approach to an all-encompassing SaaS Security Program, with greater visibility across the entire landscape of applications.
  3. Focus on Outcomes: SaaS applications and their configurations change — at a rate of thousands to tens of thousands of times per day. It’s nearly impossible for any human to keep up with this rate of change. Delivering a documented ongoing program for investigation and remediation creates sustainable and demonstrable value for your clients, one application at a time.

AppOmni offers SaaS Security Management software that provides comprehensive visibility while alleviating the burden on IT teams. By continually scanning APIs, security controls, and configuration settings, AppOmni’s SSPM solution equips security professionals with the insights and intelligence needed to align security best practices with business objectives.

See how you can better assist your customers in securing their SaaS environments by consulting our Guide to SaaS Security Management. If you’re interested in learning more about AppOmni’s INFINITY Partner Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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