The Growing Importance of SaaS Security

SaaS is now the default delivery model for enterprise applications, leading to increasing amounts of sensitive information being stored outside the traditional controls of the corporate network.

The increasing adoption of SaaS has led to blind spots and control gaps in evermore critical applications.

As more valuable data is processed using SaaS, hackers will increasingly target these applications to breach sensitive data.

Frequent updates are applied and new features are added by the vendor, often without notice, introducing new risks through features such as file sharing or exposed APIs, outside the visibility of traditional SaaS security tools.

SaaS security must evolve to meet this pivotal change in risk exposure and protect against increasingly advanced attacks on SaaS Applications.

SaaS Security Management can help

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) tools reduce risks by continuously scanning for configuration mistakes and overly scoped permissions, which represent the most common forms of cloud security failure.

AppOmni data shows: 55% of companies have sensitive data that’s inadvertently exposed to the anonymous internet. 95% of companies have external users with over-privileged access to data

You Need A SaaS Security Solution That

Delivers instant visibility into SaaS risks. Who and what is accessing your sensitive data

Provides context and advice to make you a SaaS security expert

Goes deep into the SaaS apps that interact with your most sensitive data to reduce risk.

Flags misconfigurations by comparing current settings against best practices and business intent.

Consolidates alerts and reporting into the tools you’re already using.

Enables you to define, enforce, and verify configuration, policies, and rules across all users and applications.

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